I have lost my affections for blogging. I will admit it. I have sold myself out to plastering my feelings and cares on facebook. My poor, poor blog. Don't worry, we are doing just fine. Majell and I are still enjoying each other and she is still way better looking than me. Our big news is that we are going to Brasil this summer. Majell may not return, but we will see. I know that I will probably return solo and let her stay down there as long as possible. Can't wait for summer! Maybe our blog will just turn into our summer vacation photo posting station.... Only time will tell.


Pura Vida!

Hey everyone. Majell and I are home from Costa Rica and had such a wonderful time. We met up with my friend Andrea (who used to be an exchange student with my family back in high school) and stayed in Cartago for a couple days. We then journeyed out to Puerto Viejo (Andrea to join the next day) on the Caribbean side and later went back to the Pacific for a week and stayed in a town called Playa Flamingo. We have so many stories and pictures, but not really the energy to tell or show all at the moment. SO- here are a few pictures from the trip. Maybe I will get some more up down the road. We missed all of our awesome friends and family and were so thankful for Heidi Rowles for house sitting and hanging out with our little Tuesday while we were gone. We love that we had a great coffee shop to return to and a wonderful town to come back to. Love you all and hope to see you soon. -Dave


Here ye here ye.

Don't worry, Dave and Majell are still here. It has been a while since much blogging has gone on. Life is tough and blogging hasn't been the first thing on the list of things to do lately. Today we sat around all morning and planned our trip to Costa Rica. We leave on August 5th and get back on the the 19th. Our plans are to enjoy the Central Valley for a few days (coffee farms, historic Cartago, food, hanging with Andrea, etc.), then go stay up on the northern stretch of the Nicoya Peninsula for a good while and then finish the trip on the Caribbean in Cahuita and Puerto Viejo (we will be only a few miles from Panama...????). Maybe we will check out Panama, who knows? So excited and boy do we need this trip. Hope everyone is having a wonderfully hot summer!


Vive el sueno.

So I had a bizarre afternoon dream and am currently questioning the Lord's plan for my life. First off my good friend Kevin Wright often says "LTD," or live the dream to the layperson, which I usually pass off as a witty saying without specific direction. Kinda like, what's up or how goes.?.?.?. Well this afternoon I had a delightful afternoon dream of living a simple life in Costa Rica, filled with mellow days, mellow surf, great food and great living. I woke up and realized that my life was still the same (a wonderful life no doubt, but no Costa Rica life change for sure). Late this afternoon I was scanning the world wide web for property in Costa Rica and stumbled upon a site: suenos.org meaning "dreams.org". Visiting the site I have now found my new property and am anxiously awaiting the new move to Costa Rica. God doesn't have to hit me over the head to realize this is where I need to be. What is the next step, you might be asking? Just $625,000 is all that is stopping this move. Please visit this website, check out my new property and if you feel led give me some dough. Pura Vida & LTD, Right? -Dave.



This morning my wife awoke and decided to make the best scones ever for her hubby. Today marks our first day off together in over a month where we plan on doing absolutely nothing. A little reading, a little bike riding and a little cleaning of the house maybe. Who knows? The weather today is a bright and a shiny 70 or so and the birds are chirping. Does Bend get a glimpse of spring today? I think so. This past week we had some friends from Scotland surprise us and show up at Backporch on Monday morning. So random. She was in town for work training and he was in town to drink coffee at Backporch. Lovely time had by all, centered around beer, pool at Silver Moon, harmonious friendship in action, and the launch of "The Office," which wasn't a knockout (overly awkward moments of Michael and Jan) but a good startup episode. Good week, but too quick for them to be gone already. Ned Beach is in his last 33% of chemo. He had an outstanding week of chemo and seems to be in good strength and spirit. That was a blessing for us all this week. Keep him in your prayers. Not much on the too close a horizon for the Beaches, although we are anxiously awaiting our two week adventure down to Costa Rica. So excited and boy do I need to work on my Spanish. I have been minorly obsessed with scooters once again. Majell isn't excited again also.... My beautiful elite is entering it's second season without starting. This is all because of an ill educated mechanic named Tom. He sucks at replacing tires and somehow my bike's starting is now messed up because he changed my tires???? What the heck? Don't worry, I have no hatred in my heart... maybe just a little. I did have Crazy Mike (orange stella guy) come into the shop last week and he has offered to help me get it running so that was great news. What else can I ramble on about? Probably nothing. No new beer making lately, although I am planning to do so in the near future- probably a lite beer similar to the Cascade Ale, minus the lemony flavor. I am shying away from the overly hoppy flavor beer right now for some reason. Majell and I are questioning what spring is doing to our cats. We think they are overly aroused for some reason. Kinda freakin us out right now. Somewhat possessed maybe, who knows? I am impressed if someone has read this far, so precious stones in your crown to whoever you are. Peace-dave


Every Young Man's Dream.

To grow a sick mustache.


Dave has issues....

Every time I go to Freeman Motors in Bend I get this crazy "I want to go into more debt" feeling. Today, this was the car of choice. My stomach now hurts and the desire to cruise this bad boy around town has over taken my soul (maybe you just have to sit in one to acquire such a feeling). Like I said, "Dave has issues..."